Our Services

Achates Capital is a specialist renewable and conventional energy financial advisory boutique providing clients with the skills and resources to successfully invest in today's evolving energy markets. We provide financial, technical and market advice ourselves and in cooperation with our partners.

Our services are always designed to address a client's specific, individual needs and include the following:

Project Development, Finance and Structuring Advisory:

Our project development, finance and structuring advisory services span the steps necessary to close successfully an investment or acquisition. These include:

  • Project and strategy preparation,
  • Target identification, return analysis and target approach,
  • Financial structuring to meet a client's goals, and
  • Investment, acquisition and EPC contract negotiations.

Financial Forecasting and Valuation:

Our financial modelling, forecasting and valuation advisory services cover the services necessary to prepare and analyze our clients' financial forecasts, short- and medium term financial needs, proposed investment projects, and potential acquisitions and can be divided into three key areas:

  • Financial modelling, forecasting and data analysis,
  • Valuation and funding requirements at both project and corporate levels, and
  • Financial analysis, including scenario analysis, breakeven analysis and simulation.

Capital Raising:

Our capital raising services span the analysis, preparation, tendering and negotiations necessary to structure and raise successfully short-, medium- and long-term debt from a variety of sources, including commercial banks, multilateral institutions and export credit agencies as well as the preparation, approaches and negotiations necessary to raise equity.

Transaction Execution:

Our corporate finance and transaction execution services span the steps necessary to close successfully investments, acquisitions and capital raisings and can be divided into three key areas:

  • Transaction preparation, including documentation, due diligence and other preparation activities,
  • Transaction execution and coordination, including due diligence analysis, offer preparation/evaluation, advisor coordination, and overall client-side transaction management, and
  • Documentation negotiations and financial close.

Naturally, the appropriate services will depend on the transaction type, but Achates works closely with its clients to develop a service offering that reflects the client's specific needs.


Corporate Financial Advisory

Our corporate finance advisory services cover the key strategic financial issues clients face. These include:

  • Capital structure,
  • Strategic capital allocation,
  • Risk management, and
  • Financial management.

Achates Capital would appreciate the opportunity to present our services and would be pleased to discuss your needs at your convenience. (Contact Us)